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Booked Your First Eyelash Extensions Appointment? Be Prepared

This is a commentary from an editor about Premier Lash Studio in NJ Details What to Expect During First Appointment. The source is

One Lash Studio in NJ is helping customers prepare for their first eyelash extension appointment.

Some tips offered by this Lash Studio is to arrive on time, don’t wear makeup, and don’t drink coffee on the day of the appointment.

It’s important to create a lasting relationship with clients by providing the best lash extension experience which is why this studio strives to educate their clients on their experience when getting eyelash extension.

See an excerpt of the article below.

New York – The global lash extension industry is projected to have a value of US$2.4 billion by 2031. Once only a growing trend, eyelash extensions are on their way to becoming a billion dollar industry on its own merit. Lash Studios in NJ continue to thrive in their local areas and one studio seeks to continue to educate their customers on all things related to eyelash extensions. In its latest blog post, this premier NJ Lash Extensions Studio in NJ details what women should expect on the first eyelash extension appointment. It also details how best to be prepared heading into the appointment.

“It’s imperative to have the utmost importance to each and every client,” said Santiago. “All lash studios should strive to give the best lash extension experience possible as well as create a lasting relationship with clients so they see them not only for the first time appointment, but each time they book for their refill sessions.”

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