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Future Growth Opportunities for Affiliate Websites:

This is an editor’s commentary about an article from believes there is greater opportunity with an affiliate website for sale in 2022.

A This year or U.S. It is estimated that affiliate marketing will reach $8.2 billion dollars, a substantial increase from $5.4 billion in 2017.

A successful online business must be started quickly. Buying a ready-made affiliate site allows you to enter the market quickly and gain visibility in organic search results.

We offer free consultations to help any aspiring business owner find the right niche and website to be successful, based on their specific budget, expertise, and time constraints.

Read a clipping from the article:

New York, NY –, a digital marketplace for starter sites, believes ready-made affiliate websites will continue to boom in 2022 as the pandemic continues to drive an increase in online shopping. Those looking for an affiliate website for sale can feel confident knowing that industry data suggests greater opportunity with this business model. 

Recent data from Statista shows that the U.S. affiliate marketing industry is expected to hit $8.2 billion U.S. dollars this year, a surge from the $5.4 billion spend back in 2017. With changes in the way customers are shopping, there is ample opportunity for those looking to start an online business, specifically in affiliate marketing. One such investment that will see an upsurge trend is ready-made affiliate websites. These turnkey websites help to jumpstart a business by removing the barrier to entry. 

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